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The last issue (#44) of the Roster Marketing Brief offered a strong example of the role perception plays in branding.

Branding: Part Four of a Series

A foundation for success. 

This is the fourth in a series about creating a winning branding program.

In the not too distant past, businesses and organizations could easily survive without having to invest much (if anything at all) into brand positioning. No longer. People demand substance. And they have a lot of choices in seeking substance.

Successfully building a strong, sustainable brand requires understanding your market and your competitors, carving out a niche, and clearly identifying the position in the marketplace that you seek to own. Because today people crave true value.

The most successful brands are built by people. By creative employees, not robots. By loyal customers and supporters, not systems. By committed partnerships. By visionary managers, not those with short-term focus.

Your brand is only as strong as the sum of your ongoing relationships with the members of your brand community. This is the collective term for all of your human brand assets: Your leaders, employees, business partners, all your constituencies and your clients.

These brand assets are much more valuable than your infrastructure, your office and your services. By far the most successful branding programs are the ones from organizations that proactively harness the emotional connections with all members of their brand communities. Focusing on your human brand assets enables you to create experiences and build that all-important connection with your brand constituents.

Some random thoughts regarding brand building:

  • If the branding is wrong, so is everything else.
  • If you can’t articulate it, neither can anyone else.
  • If you don’t get them in the first paragraph, you don’t get ‘em at all.
  • The smaller your budget, the stronger your brand must be.

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